No Face Book Day 10


I thought I would be writing more on my blog since I left Social Media, and I must admit, Social Media gives you that false feeling that there is always SOMEONE there for you anytime of the day or night.  But I guess I got more email addresses than I realized before I left.  So I’ve been able to share info, just via email.

I will admit that Facebook makes it easier to communicate with your friends and semi-friends and even your not so real friends.  Again, there in lays the problem.  If you didn’t have to go through a conduit that is monitored by the alphabets, it would be a nice Idea.  But sadly, Obama has ruined that for America.  Well, Obama and the Islamic Jihadists.

I have 4 days before my account is officially deactivated.  OR that’s the threat that they leave you with.  And I have considered returning covertly and only keeping in touch with really close friends.  Everyday when I log on to my computer, I get a Birthday notice.  Unfortunately, If they’re not on my email list, “Oh well”.

What have I been doing instead of spending time on Facebook?  I’ve been learning how to dig a well.  I didn’t realize how efficient digging a well could be.  Back in the old days, people lived near fresh water.  Then people found that ground water could be pumped up and wells were invented.  It’s certainly not something that takes a rocket scientist, but it’s also not like De-winterizing your house either.

I don’t miss the drama on Facebook.  In fact, I miss the camaraderie. You have to realize that although it seemed fun, they were people that you have no Idea of who they are and I’m not saying that in a conspiracy way.  You could be talking to someone that is tracking your IP address and narrowing down where you live.  The friendlier they are, the more likely you are to expose information you shouldn’t.

In short, I don’t think I’ll be returning to the Book in the next 4 days.  Life is short.  Do something in the real world not the Cyber world.

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