O’Reilly vs. Obama

Bill O’Reilly’s Pre-Super Bowl



 “You have to treat the president with respect”.

 I expect the political equivalent of “Soft-core porn”.  In spite of the derogatory statements the White House Despot has been making about Fox news, and Rush Limbaugh; O’Reilly will not ask anything the majority of his audience would ask.  Of all of the questions being sent to the Factor, I would predict the question O’Reilly chooses will be laughed off or he will blatantly lie about it.

I predict that the question O’Reilly asks will start out: “O.K. Mr. President, this question is from a viewer.  Joe Blow in Peoria Illinois writes, Who sent Susan Rice out on the 5 talk shows giving blatant disinformation on Benghazi”? The president will say: “That’s the INTEL we had at the time”.  Then if O’Reilly has any testosterone, he’ll have emails and congressional testimonies he can reference (Like General Ham’s) who said they were never notified.

I get rather tired of O’Reilly’s righteous indignation on the small screen, then when it comes time to ask questions, he asks if the president will go one on one in basketball.  O’Reilly is no Bob Woodward.  He wants to get invited to the press dinner.  I might add that I’m sure WH chief of Communications Valerie Jarett, aka President Jarett , will want to see the questions to asked ahead of time and if O’Reilly deviates from the “set list”, his life will be a living hell.

In short, don’t expect O to ask anything about the  blatant lies, about Obamacare.  Blatant lies by Susan Rice, why nobody has been held accountable and if the president says: “Ultimately I’m accountable” don’t expect O’Reilly to ask Obama if he’s going to resign then.  This will be a dog and pony show.

The Monday following the interview, O’Reilly will use rhetoric to explain why he COULDN’T ask the questions that need to be asked.  He’ll refer to those who disagree with his questions as “Obama Haters”.  And then he’ll fall back on the “I’ve already gotten thousands of emails asking why I wasn’t tougher.

If the president will go on late night comedy shows as well as MSNBC, he should have the guts to go on the factor where the only thing the administration can screen is the president’s physical safety. But unless this interview doesn’t end in the president taking off his lapel phone and walking out, you can expect the soft core porn interview as mentioned above.  It all depends on what O’Reilly’s definition of “respect” Is.




Nibiru Photos

Photos taken from the SPT (South Pole Telescope)

 If you go out tonight, look at the north star with a pair of binoculars.  Or if you happen to be out just as the sun sets, look for a “Moon” like celestial body.

Really good liars do so with passion.  Great liars are incredibly believable.  What makes good sociopathic liars convincing are when you give them a modicum of trust and they reward you with a good deed.  Look at the infamous dictators of history. They gave the starving throng a fish but would never allow them to fish.  That’s a parable of tyranny.

Where is the best place to hide an expensive diamond in your house?  A safe?  NO .  Safe are great for costume jewelry.  But make sure it’s “GOOD” costume Jewelry.  Make sure the diamonds are high quality Cubic Zirconia.   Where do you put the Diamond?  Someplace like the lining of an old 70’s “Club” Jacket.  Something with a “Disco” flavor to it.  And just hang it in your closet with your old sports jerseys.  Hiding something in plain sight is the best place to conceal anything.  Old tourist windbreakers from Fisherman’s wharf are great.  Don’t get cute and tape it to the bottom of your bed side stand.  The first thing burglars do is pull out all of your drawers and dump them on your bed.

I once sold a great MG sports car to this one guy in Oakland CA (A very high crime area).  We went into the bank to get the Pink slip and I asked him if he was going to write a check to the bank.  He reached in his flannel shirt pocket and pulled out a roll of Benjamins.  It wasn’t in his wallet which he had for his I.D.  It was in plain site.  Look at the corrupt congressman who was taking kick back money back in 2007.  He hid stacks of Benjamins in foil in the freezer of his refrigerator.  That’s a great spot unless the FBI is tossing your place.  They have all day and know all of the “plain site locations”.

What am I getting at?

Remember my Article on “All Hell Breaks Out In April 2014”?   What would the government do if a real crisis was eminent?

Let me explain the Normalcy Bias.  The normalcy Bias is man’s refusal to believe anything that would drastically shift his paradigm with those having the most to lose in the most denial.  I’ll use the typical example.  If you lived on the down side of the Hoover dam, and a rumor was being floated around that the dam was weakened and was going to give out in 72 hours.

  1. The People living closest to the damn would live in denial and say: “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah kiss my ass.  I’m sure the government has everything under control.
  2. The people who live a few miles from the Damn would say: “Have you heard that rumor about the Dam giving      way in 72 hours?  What do you think we should do”?
  3. The people 10 miles away would be packing and heading for high ground until the 72 hours had past.

The government knows this and uses it to try and debunk conspiracy theories. There’s an old saying that came out of the drug culture. “Just because you’re paranoid; It doesn’t mean they’re still not out to get you”.

I thought about the article I had written on the “2014 Apocalypse”.   One doesn’t need to spend much time viewing YouTube conspiracy videos to find something that could spark a world fire in 2014.  One is even more curious having a president that has lied about almost everything except transforming our country into a pile of unemployed crap.

Without being a conspiracy theorist; Is it permissible to ask: “Do they know something we don’t”?  If they do, would they tell us if it would spark civil unrest?  Remember in the first “Men In Black” movie, the great Tommy Lee Jones” says: “There’s always a Vrillion Battle cruiser prepared to destroy our planet and the only reason these people get on with their daily lives is because they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT”.


Remember the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012?  Do you remember the date 21 December , 2012?  This gave the networks plenty of plots and scenarios to write about. 12.21.12 came and went.  Or did it?  Again, I can think of 100 reasons why 2014 would be the start of the Apocalypse.  Reason # 1 Rhymes with IRAN.  You can take it form there.  But what has me concerned and I don’t want to be labeled a conspiracy theorist no more than the officers at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th 1941. But the lead story in my 2014 Apocalypse article was a quote from Susan Miller.  Susan mainly writes about what weekends are good for dating.  When to expect that child support check.  When is a good day to ask for a raise.  It’s usually pretty mundane stuff.

When she started talking about April and the stock market, the interviewer from the Guardian said: “It’s going to crash”?  She said NO it’s worse.  She said, we haven’t seen this sort of alignment since the American Revolutionary War.  I’ve been following Susan since 2002 and sometimes I’m amazed at her precision.  But most of it is just, mundane, stuff like, this will be a good month for publicity.  (That month I happen to be on National/International TV).  In 2012, she didn’t say a word about any doomsday scenarios.  So to hear her go: “Oh my”.  It caught my attention.


Remember the “Comet ISON? Some “conspiracy theorists” are saying it’s not a comet.  It’s the dreaded planet X aka Nibiru.(Also known by ancient Egyptians as “The Destroyer).  Nibiru is supposedly a planetary dwarf star that is 8 times the size of Jupiter.  Apparently the theory is, this huge planetary object makes a pass through our galaxy every 3600 years.  And it’s that time apparently.  These same CTs (Conspiracy theorists) are saying that Nibiru was reported by NASA in 1983 and again in 1990.  NASA has been looking for a large celestial mass that has been disrupting the orbit of Pluto and Neptune.  Now think about the concept/lie of “Global Warming”.  CTs say, Nibiru is bringing our core magma closer to the surface crust and is warming the oceans.  It’s not man’s carbon footprint.  (That’s plausible) They say Brazil will be the new North pole.  This abstract theory explains a lot of the lies and a lot of the natural disasters.


If you search this topic, you’re going to find lots of people with tin foil hats on their heads.  Perhaps a disinformation campaign by the government?  These people claim to be in “Psychic Contact” with ET.  Ignore them.  But keep an eye on this so called comet “ISON”.  If the government is getting ready for a SHTF scenario, you should be prepared also.



Sherman Rant


 NOTE TO ERIC BOLLING: “Jerry Rice is the Greatest Football Player of All time” He’s also one of the most humble players ever.

But Jerry Rice would never say that.  The only time you heard anything from Jerry Rice was when Joe Montana was getting more commercial offers than the Legend wide Receiver/Greatest player to huddle up on an NFL field.

Jerry Rice became the greatest Football Player of all time because when he achieved a new plateau; He considered himself on the bottom rung of the next ladder.  The word complacency was not in his vocabulary.

Why did other first round wide receivers fail to become versions of Rice?  Because great talents like J.J. Stokes and Reynaldo Nehemiah could not keep up with Rice’s workout routine.  Rice never considered himself good enough, nor did he ever have to verbalize his achievements.


Stephen R. Covey said: “Nothing fails like Success”.  It is easy to see how Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber prove that point.  It will be interesting to see how many tough hits Sherman gets for being less than polite after the Championship game.  We saw how that worked for Tyrell Owens and to a degree Dion Sanders.  When he went “Mohammed Ali” on Erin Andrews, he painted a huge target on his back.  This was not a career enhancing maneuver. If anything it looked like a boy seeking the acknowledgement from a father figure.

Humility is the best way to keep from being double teamed.  Being confident from within keeps your opposition off guard.  The best thing you can do once you’ve achieved a great victory is to look for a greater victory.  Why do you think the cover of Sports Illustrated is a curse?

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” ~ James 4:6




As a kid, I remember in 1962 my whole neighborhood standing in front of my house in the country staring up at the sky.  I said: “What are we doing”?  Someone looking up said: “We’re looking for UFOs.

“WHAT’S A UFO”? I asked.  My brother said: “It’s a flying saucer. STUPID”.   I had seen the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with GORT and Klaatu so I knew what a flying lenticular shaped object was at the age of 5 or 6

I went through my younger years looking up hoping to see something but even as a teen, I could tell the port and starboard lights of a conventional aircraft.  I stared through my Tasco telescope in the late 60s but never saw a sign of E.T. until about 30 years later.

I wasn’t looking for a UFO which was the coolest part of it.  And what absolutely confirmed my suspicions was not how it looked or sounded or the kind of lights; But the trajectory of the object.  I can remember it as if it just happened.  My family was camping just west of “Emerald Bay” in Southwest Lake Tahoe.   I was sitting (slouched) in a lawn chair around a camp fire.  The fire had died down and only hot coals were burning.

As I was “zoning out” just staring at the sky in a state of wonderful relaxation: I saw what appeared to be a shooting star only slower.  Then, to my shock (And I was in my 30s at the time and not under the influence of any substance) this meteor made a 140 degree reversal. This is a maneuver that meteors, asteroids or conventional aircraft are physically incapable of performing.

Then just as quickly as it did the 140 degree reversal, it did a 95 to 100 degree port (Left) maneuver and was gone in less than a second.  No conventional aircraft could have done these inertia defying maneuvers.  And no it wasn’t a spark from the campfire.  As I said, it looked in the beginning to be a shooting star. (Meteor) It couldn’t have been traffic lights as it was slightly off center to the zenith (directly above) of where I was looking and we were at the top of the mountain.

UFO Experience

Years later I would find out that the Tahoe Forest is part of the UFO triangle which goes from Area 51 Nevada, to Edwards AFB in Southern California, then north to Mt. Shasta in northern California.



Non-Religious POV

I’ve written an article called “My Christianity” so know that this article is more of a “Theosophical” article than a biblical or religious argument.  Does it conflict with my Christian beliefs which most say equate to “one life one death”.  No.  And I’ll answer that down below the video

One needs to understand the existence of the physical life form and the non-physical life.  The physical life you can confirm by touching a hot stove.   The non-physical takes faith.  Often the evidence of the non-physical life is found in your belief structure.  You get to a point where you stop believing  in the concept of the “coincidence”.   Sometimes, however; we misread or misinterpret that which we have been taught.

When you start to look at your physical/incarnate life from a quantum physics POV, the existence of the soul or “Non-physical life” becomes clearer.  We (Everything we see, taste and touch) are vibrating atoms.  Things that vibrate create a frequency.  Sound is the acoustical result of vibration.  The strongest steel bar is made up of dense vibrating atoms.  So the whole world is vibrating.  (Faster than the eye can see)

Can I give you an example?

What you watch on television are 60 still frames being presented per second.  You can take the frames to a stopping point and if you have a very good toggle control you can scroll through the frames just like those old moving pictures that came in a box of Cracker Jack.  But since it happens so fast we don’t notice it.

The same  principle applies to everything that surrounds us.  This principle of quantum physics can explain “Ghost Hauntings”.  When the mind or non-physical being can manipulate the vibrational structure of atoms, strange things can happen.  It can happen with the living as well.  There are those (Living) who have mental abilities to move objects.  I ask: “Why can’t souls without bodies do the same thing if it is an action based on
invisible frequency”?

So if the Soul is the “eternal” part of our body; does it get recycled?  Watch this great two part video of the most documented case on reincarnation.


Just as water is the very essence of life, Man starts his life in “amniotic fluid”.  If you lower the temperature of water if becomes a solid form such as Ice.  If you heat it, it boils.  Just as man leaves the womb, it becomes a solid form.  Much like the cube of Ice.  Over time, Ice melts and evaporates.  Boiling water does the same thing, it evaporates.  But what was once a solid piece of Ice is now a vapor.  The vapor still exists in the form of  “Humidity” or a “Cloud”.  I proclaim that the body and soul work in much the same fashion.  One decomposes (Your body) while the “Life Force” is  released and goes “SOMEWHERE”

I won’t pretend to understand the “Ether” or “Ethereal Realm”.  I believe that’s what God meant when He said: “Don’t dabble in the occult or traffic with mediums; you’ll pollute your souls. I am God, your God”. (Leviticus 19:31) Again, we have an issue of translation.  First, let me say: “NEVER TOUCH A DAMN OUIJA BOARD”. Let me repeat:  “NEVER TOUCH A DAMN OUIJA BOARD”.  That is dabbling in divination and opening Pandora’s box.  Even Mediums will tell you, more bad than good comes from those weapons of “dark vibrational spirits”.  If you believe in Psychic Mediums, understand  that spirits can lie just like Obama. So you can’t trust what you hear from a Medium and like God said: “You’ll pollute your souls“.  It’s also interesting
that God chose the term: “Do not traffic in mediums”.  I translate it as: “Don’t let Mediums be your direction”.  Again, spirits can lie though a Medium like a human saying: “If you like your doctor you can keep him. Period”.

Regarding reincarnation and why it does not conflict with my belief system.  The concept “One life and one death”, I believe refers to the incarnate body and spirit you have now.  In other words; If you die at 21 as Joe Smith, you will not be born again and be the same Joe Smith at 21 with the same parents and siblings.  For the sake of learning; You die as Joe Smith the Wall street guy and might come back as a South Australian Aboriginal.  When that body dies, it goes back into the earth.  Your soul is like a mother board.  In a strange spiritual way, the energy can be put into a different system.  Why we lose our memories of our past lives, I do not know. (Which seems to happen at 4-5 years of age)  I believe Life is a learning  experience.  I believe that we are taught to avoid Mediums as we are not to take “Short cuts” or risk being misled.  We need the true learning experience.  That might be the justification for having to go through another physical life (I know it sounds like Buddhism/Hinduism).  But our creator never said that we shouldn’t ask Why or How life/Soul issues work.  Our admonishments are meant to help us learn and become better spirits.

In the end, you are responsible for your own personal Spiritual belief system.  I’m not claiming everybody gets reincarnated.  I don’t even know why someone would be reincarnated.  But I won’t rule out that there have been those who have had their spirits return.  Jesus told his disciples that the old testament prophet “Elijah” had returned as “John the Baptist” thus fulfilling prophecy.

“I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it. For all the Prophets and the Law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come. He who has ears, let him hear”. Matthew 11:11-15

 “God thunders with His voice wondrously, Doing great things which we cannot comprehend”. ~ Job 37:5 



(Warum Ich Liebe America) 



 At the current time, I cannot boast about America being the world power it was under Ronald Reagan or even John Kennedy.  I do however; know that America’s constitution makes it the best potential country to live in.  Our government has currently been infiltrated by communists.  One of the flaws with a democratic republic is you get what the people elect and people are easily “lied to”.  Even if the candidate appears messianic in speech and appearance, we know this to be true; power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

 That is the current situation in the United States of America.  “We the People” are fighting to keep our “Liberty”.  To Mein Vaterland, Deutschland, if Obama is spying on you; you can imagine what he is doing to us.  He is trying his hardest to take our “right to own guns” away.  That is a must for any dictator.  He knows if he tries to convert America to a communist country, we will defend the Constitution of the United States.  Thomas Jefferson once said: “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots from time to time”.

 But I still love the Constitution and the United States.

Our history is not without flaws.  Just ask the Native/indigenous Americans we took this land from.  This country, I’m sad to say, was not “founded” by English settlers.  It was conquered by English settlers.  But I must say that if a hostile takeover was inevitable, it was better that it was conquered by Western Europe than China or Russia.

We have the Slave situation in our past where human life was bought and sold like livestock.  This was an accepted yet despicable practice that went on for 200 years.  One can only wonder what America would look like had we never imported Africans and used them as slaves.

I served my country and almost died for my country.  I am a U.S. Military Veteran.  I did what was asked of me.  So as an ex-soldier, I understand the consequences of following and not following orders.  So I don’t blame the participants of the previous wars but I do rebuke the leaders of all who were involved.

Again another one of our country’s flawed past.   America under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt rounded up 112,000 Americans of Asian ethnicity in 1942 and put them in “internment” camps.  This was a gross violation of our constitution.  The same president had this to say about the war in Germany:

“We have got to be tough with Germany and I mean the German people, not just the Nazis. You either have to castrate the German people or you have got to treat them in such a manner so they can’t just go on reproducing people who want to continue the way they have in the past.” ~ Roosevelt (D)

 FDR’s Justification for the genocidal bombing of Germany.

 Operation Thunderclap was designed to kill civilians (NOT SOLDIERS) fleeing from the Red Army for their own safety because both FDR and Churchill were afraid of the so called German Race. The targeted cities of operation Clarion were nothing more than state sponsored murders. No better than Hitler’s war on the Jew. (Nuremburg was targeted because it was an “Ideological city”) Britain killed 3 times as many German civilians as U.S. Bombers. Britain hit Germany with 20 times the payload Germany hit Britain with.“You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”   ~Winston Churchill

Even with our stained past, I still love this country.  It will hopefully, once again, be the shining city on the hill that the great President Ronald Reagan spoke of.



I hope you will accept my apology for not posting comments that have been left.  I’ve had something like 51 comments in my first 2 weeks and only 1 has made it past the “SPAM” filter.  Since I was forced to this more secure sight due to hackers at my old site, I have to adhere to the server’s suggestions.

Again, Please accept my apology if your comment was rejected by the spam filter.  I do read them on my email and I appreciate your kind words.

Thank you for understanding

Ace Andres Avatarsmaller




(19 September 1921 – 11 February 1945)

Ernst Andres

Ernst Andres was a highly decorated Hauptmann in the Luftwaffe during World War II, and a recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership.

During the night of 4 May 1943 to 5 May Angriffsführer England ordered a consolidated attack on Norwich. Involved were 43 aircraft from Kampfgeschwader 2 (KG 2) under the command of KG 2’s Geschwaderkommodore Walter Bradel, which took off from the airport of Soesterberg. The attack force was augmented by aircraft from II./Kampfgeschwader 40 and 36 Ju 88 from Kampfgeschwader 6. Bradel, who flying as an observer on a Do 217K piloted by Andres, was attacked by a British nightfighter, and suffered engine damage. Andres attempted an emergency landing near Landsmeer, Amsterdam. The aircraft was 80% damaged and Bradel and the aerial gunner Flieger Werner Becker were killed.

Hauptmann Andres achieved the status of “Ace” having 28 aerial victories before his death on 11 February 1945.

Liberty vs. Security

 Self-Reliance vs. Social programs

Native American Warrior scout

It was Ben Franklin’s famous/infamous line: “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”, that has many Americans concerned about their Liberty.  Let me paraphrase Ben: “Freedom is not Free”.  And let me make a distinct definition between Liberty and Freedom.  Freedom is a state of mind.  Liberty is a state of being.  The philosopher and sociologist Viktor Frankle wrote his book: “Man’s search for meaning” while a prisoner of an S.S. concentration camp during WWII.  He studied why some people died while others under the same circumstances survived.  One principle Dr. Frankle surmised was that the S.S. could take away his liberty.  (His ability to walk out of the prison) but they could not take his Freedom. (The ability to control his mind).  What kept the survivors alive was the “Image” of them walking out of the prison. Another common thought was that of being re-united with loved ones.  Those who felt all was lost manifested it. They perished.

Perhaps this is a form of the Law of Attraction.  I believe it was Einstein that said: “If a man believes it can or cannot be done, he’s correct on both accounts”.

Please allow me to go off on a quick tangent.


After writing my article about the pornography industry yesterday; I had to get away.  I took Karaya out for an hour drive.  The cops love it when I take my Guard Red Porsche out.  I start singing Sammy Hagar’s old song (with a twist): “I can’t drive 85”.  But I digress.  I did some serious mountain driving then I took it out on the highway where there are NO inhabitants.  Karaya goes 180 MPH so it tempts me when I’m on the road with nobody in front or behind me.  (Stick with me, I’m going somewhere with this story)

But I got off of the Highway and went back up into the mountains.  On the other side of one mountain tucked away back in the middle of absolutely NOWHERE.  I found a “Native American Colony” (That’s what the sign said.  I think it was a “reservation”).  The Native American or “Indian” as Columbus called them, use to be the Iconic face of courage and self-reliance in this country.  They were taught survival and self-reliance at a very young age.  They had to learn to care for themselves or perish.  They kept many a European immigrant from dying of starvation.  But as more and more Europeans came to this continent, the “Indigenous” people of North America became an obstacle.


As we sat up European style villages and towns, we took the “LIBERTY” of the Native Americans away.  Where the warrior once hunted deer, we put up a mall.  We tried forcing Christianity upon the indigenous people.  We finally said: (I’m paraphrasing again) “Look, you’re in our way. We need you behind this mountain so nobody can see you”.  There were reports of the attempted Genocide of these unique people. (Himmler was not original by any means).  But that was many generations ago.


I’ve been to many “reservations” in my adult life.  I use to be a part of a program that flew to many reservations such as Keams Canyon Arizona and Owyhee Utah.  I did physical exams and hearing tests on many of the young kids and we would fly those who needed treatment to the naval hospital in Oakland California and do surgery on them. When we flew out to the reservations, the medical team would only get to see a public building.  I never got to see their residential area.  On my drive last night, I finally got to see what an Indian reservation looks like. It was an odd version of section 8 housing unlike the high rise “Projects” like they have in New York and Baltimore; they were single 900 square foot one family homes.  Perhaps I’ve watched to many westerns as a kid, but when I looked around, I felt instant depression.  I was crying inside

.Reservation Poverty

When I got home, I realized that what I had just seen was a microcosm of what America has to look forward to.  What saturated my mind the rest of the evening was a glimpse of the future for America.  This once great world power that is so generous to other countries in times of need, will eventually look like one big reservation sectioned off far away from the upper class in their gated communities.  This should scare every person who values their Liberty.  Obama has increased the margin of takers to makers.  In many cases, not all, immigrants come here because of the socialist programs Obama is using to destroy America from within.

We’ve seen it in Europe.  Muslims have moved from the desert heat and violence of the middle-east to the free social programs of Western Europe.  Keep in mind, these freebie programs were started in the mid-1800s to keep Europeans from leaving Europe to come to America.  It has backfired and attracted underachievers, which is causing the EU to crash.  In North America, we have 10,000 immigrants (Illegal) coming across the Mexican border daily.

This has nothing to do with income inequality.  This has everything to do with self-reliance. Have a nice Weekend.

birds of north america