A lot of these have been seen across America.  Mainly between Roswell, Edwards AFB and Mt. Shasta.  These are exactly like the photos taken in 1980 in Belgium.  It’s called the TR-3B.  Is this the new Wave of Aviation warfare for the future?  Watch the video and decide.





F-22 Stealth Raptor

We, the United States of America hold a slim advantage against Russia and China due to our technological warfare/upgrades.  We actively deploy the F-22 Raptor which is America’s first pure stealth fighter with dog-fighting capabilities.  It actually has a .30 caliber machine gun on it.  The B2 stealth aircraft is a bomber and the FA-117 is an attack/air to ground system.  If you’ve seen it, it reminds you of a top hat and very little maneuverability.  Where the F-22 can stop and do a ballet move in mid-air.


F-15 Eagle

There is no argument that the F-15 Eagle was the best fighter plane ever conceived. At the time.  The same can be said for the North American Aviation P-51 Mustang.  But as technological advancements evolve, so must our investment in protecting the homeland.  We do not want to be using bows and arrows, when our foes have six shooters, Rifles and Bullets.

f14sbig f14vf1

The 4th generation fighters, or defensive aircraft that were non-stealth were commissioned in the early 1970s.  The F-14 Tomcat was commissioned for the Navy in 1974 and decommissioned in 2006.  It would be replaced by the FA-18 Hornet which was a less expensive multirole Naval aircraft designed for aircraft carriers and was commissioned by the Navy in 1983.

The F-15 Eagle with it’s impressive score card of “0” (Zero) combat defeats was introduced into service in 1976.  In its’ almost 40 years of service, the fleet of F-15s were being phased out by the introduction of the multirole land based F-16. The F-16 was introduced in 1978 as a replacement for the F-15 because it was 10 million cheaper than the Eagle.  But the Falcon was never as good as the F-15 and it was not stealth.

All of the above were dominant “Air Superiority” aircraft until “Stealth technology” evolved.  Now these magnificent fighters have been demoted to the status of “dinosaur”.  They are large visible targets in an age where surface to air (SAM) missiles have been perfected, and now China and Russia have their own versions of a Stealth fighter.  The F-15 which is “Undefeated” would be shot out of the air and not know what hit it.


The age of Stealth Technology or “Invisible to radar” became a game changer.  The F-22, in simulated drills was going up against the F-15 outnumbered by great odds.  (Such as 2 stealth Raptors vs. 24 F-15s) and the  flew home safely.  This proved one point, the era of the radar visible aircraft was over.  The Stealth F-22 radar signature is hard to tell from that of a sea gull.


In the late 1990s, the department of defense realized this and put together the JSF Project of “Joint Strike Force” project.  The main reason they had Boeing and Lockheed compete for the largest aircraft contract in history was because, Stealth was a game changer, and the F-22 came at a price of $200,000,000 a bird.  That’s right, I said two hundred million per F-22.

After 2 years of competition, Lockheed-Martin won the contract with the F-35 Stealth Lightening II.  The estimated cost of the F-35 is 153 Million per bird.  (Versus 200 million per F-22 Raptor)  The F-35 can actually do things the F-22 cannot do.  The F-35 Lands on aircraft carriers, it hovers like a helicopter, and it breaks the sound barrier with ease.   But the F-22 is still the best best aircraft ever made 2nd only to Northrop’s YF-23 which was found to be superior to the F-22, but came in at a price of 400 Million per bird.

So just as the DOD had the F-16 and F-18 ready to replace the F-15s and F14s, the F-35 was built as a “cost-effective” alternative to the F-22 Raptor. Yet the F-35 is not a replacement for the F-22 but rather an addition to the F-22.  The F-35 will be the work horse while the F-22s are the feared nightmare of our enemy.  Unfortunately, we NEED Air Superiority to control “Space” superiority.  When the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans or Iranians start shooting down our satellites, we’ll be back to Gen 3 Jet fighters.  We need to keep developing a defensive platform that will protect our GPS Satellites.  Without those, are Gen 5 aircraft are hundred million dollar paperweights.


f-15Boneyard F18 BoneyardF16 Boneyard F14 Boneyard

As you can tell; The F-14, F-15, F16 and F-18s are already resting in peace in what are called “Boneyards”.  Or Junkyards. These fighters are reaching 40 years old.  I pity the Pilot that has to go up against a Chinese Chengduj-20 stealth fighter.  This is when the large UAV or Unmanned Aerial vehicle or “Drone” comes into the picture.  The whole theater of air superiority will change once everyone is flying a “radar invisible aircraft”.


Chengdu J-20 Red Stealth Fighter

China, under the Clinton administration, hacked into DOD files and was able to download our F-35 plans.  when they unrolled their version of the Stealth fighter (The Chengduj-20) there was a lot of finger pointing going on in the Clinton White House.  The Chinese also hacked our nuclear submarine plans.  So American pilots will no longer be able to shoot down Chinese aircraft from 90 miles away.

Sukhoi_Su-47 Sukhoi_T-50_stealt2011h

Sukhoi fighter SU41

The Russians also have their version of the Stealth fighter.  As you can see, the T-50 on the Right looks like a Raptor knock off.  The Sukhoi 47 on the left is a revolutionary stealth fighter as it has “swept forward” wings. (Making it a little faster and giving it a slight edge in maneuverability.


Didn’t Obama say we don’t fight with Bayonets anymore?

PACOM Delegation to China china_pla pla_army PLS

Armed Forces




In the world of military dominance there is a thing called counter balance.  It means that when your enemy gets a new toy; You’ve got to match that toy or “One up them”.  (Or you’ll end up like the Native Americans)  At the present time we enjoy Generation 5 fighter air superiority.  The F-35 is an integral part of the future of America maintaining air superiority.  It is a Jet fighter designed by Lockheed-Martin to meet the needs of all branches of the armed forces.



The F-35 (Which is a stealth fighter) will be able land on Aircraft carriers and replace the aging FA-18s.

It has Vertical Take of or landing capabilities like the Harrier Jet used by the Marines. (The ability to hover like a Helicopter.

And finally it is able to go hypersonic.

With Russia and China both developing formidable Generation 4 fighters like our F-15 Eagle, it’s vital that the U.S. continue to produce “next generation” aircraft.  With Obama cutting back the defense budget, we could possibly give Russia, China, North Korea or Iran the edge if we do not continue to develop a low level space fighter.  Here in Nevada, we are seeing aircraft “disappear” daily into the Ionosphere.  Why? Because if one of our enemies gets control of the “orbital” battle field; our generation 5 technology will become useless once our enemies start shooting down our Satellites.  The defenseless objects that control GPS.  The single most vital component of every modern American Jet fighter.


Aging F-15

Currently, we have in commission a majority of F-15s and FA-18s which are the world’s greatest non-stealth fighters.  But as superior as they are in the air; they would have a 50% loss rate against another world power like China (Who has stolen our F-35 plans) and Russia who has developed better “Archer Missiles” that can avoid our Gen 4 jamming signals.  In other words; The enemy is catching up while we’re giving cell phones to under achievers in the ghetto.  The only aircraft keeping the U.S. in command of the skies are the F-22  Raptors.  They are our current stealth work horse but come at a cost of 200 Million a bird.  The F-35 was designed as an affordable replacement for the Gen 4 F-15s and F18s.  It is called the “Joint Strike force fighter.


200 Million dollar F-22

The F-35s will enable us to develop and deploy B1R Bombers and Particle Beam distant Laser aircraft.


Our Space Fighter

But ultimately, the Scramjet will be the fighter that keeps the bad guys from taking America off of the grid.  China has already used a missile to shoot down one of their own Satellites.  We did the same to prove that two could play at that game.  But once a country can put a fighter that goes Mach 25 in outer space, the rules of engagement change for everyone.  And don’t think China or Russia will not hesitate to knock out our electricity combined with Obama downsizing our troops.

You could wake up in the middle of the night to Chinese helicopters circling your neighborhood, while you’re looking for a flashlight as Red Communist are kicking down your door and marching the men out into the street.  All this is happening as your cell phone is dead and the national guard has already been knocked out.

To quote President Reagan, we can only achieve piece through power.  Cutting the defense budget is nothing short of treason.



I thought I was seeing things last night.  But it appears the cat is out of the bag.  NASA is no longer hiding the X-43A hypersonic aircraft.

I saw it last night.

I was in north western Nevada and I saw an unusual contrail coming over the Sierra Nevada Mountain range south of Lake Tahoe.  I saw what appeared to be a bat out of hell fly behind a cloud.  I was driving to a meeting so I couldn’t pull over and watch, but I blinked and looked back up and it had left the cloud a 100 miles behind it.  Fortunately I hit a red light. So I stuck my head out of my vehicle and watched this aircraft ascend to the Ionosphere, then disappear somewhere over eastern Idaho.

Not really something spectacular.  Until I tell you: “It only took about 30 seconds.  It was incredible.  I thought about it all night then I found my answer at the Official NASA Website.

NNASA SAYS: THE X-43A Broke Mach 9.6 (7000mph) Good Mama!!!!!



man-pointing-finger-at-womanWoman pointing

Understanding is the key to communication

I remember in college this being the philosophical equivalent of the Chicken and the Egg. It’s true that you can’t communicate an Idea to another without verbalizing it or typing it, or sending smoke signals/semaphore/or even Morris code. And often, action is the surest form of communication.

However, the receiving aspect of communication is just as important as the sending aspect. In other words, If I don’t understand the message you sent to me; we failed to communicate. This happens often when using email. The absence of emotion, emphasis on syllables etc… all leads to miscommunication.

It’s like acoustical physics. If a tree is struck by lightning in the forest and nobody is around to hear it fall does it still make a sound?

If you’re upset with someone for not doing something you wanted them to do; tell them the why behind the emotion. Anger is a poor communication device. The Why behind the How is almost always more important in anything you do. I know this goes against military training, but in real life, it’s almost always more important. If you know what you are trying to mutually achieve, and why, then orders make sense and situations can be put into proper context.

Often miscommunication comes from a variety of flawed logic.

Assumptions are probably the most common source of miscommunication.

Insecurities causing insufficient data is also quite common.

Ignorance and fear of having to learn more than you want to know is also popular.

Selective hearing. (hearing what you want to hear)

And just insufficient data.

All of these can lead to fights, frustration, divorce, firings, war, you name it.

In the military, we were taught to:

1.Tell you what we were about to teach you.

2.Teach you the message.

3.Tell you what we just taught you.

Steven Covey suggests that when you listen to someone, listen as if you were going to be responsible for teaching it to someone else. He also describes active communication when he says “First seek to understand the other person, then attempt to be understood”

American Natives used what was called the Indian talking stick. When seated in a circle, one person would hold the stick and make his statement. Nobody else would be able to rebut the comment until they absolutely understood the person’s statement. Then and only then would the stick be handed to another person.

When we argue and fight, we’re not trying to communicate. While the other person is making their statement, we’re busy preparing our response, all the time ignoring what is being said. This is called the “collective monolog”.

There’s two old sayings. One is “God gave you 2 ears and one mouth for a reason”. (suggesting that listening is twice as important as speaking)

And I quote John Lennon who once said “When you’re drowning, you don’t say politely: I hope someone notices that I’m drowning and has the common decency to provide help. No you SCREAM FOR HELP”.

We should learn to utilize our ears and mouths in this manner. Listening is the key to understanding, which is the key to communication. Your mouth should be used for your self preservation. (eating, breathing and hollering when your drowning)




Bill Birnes

In 2007 the 2nd most viewed topic on the internet (After pornography) were sites about Unidentified Flying Objects.  The History Channel had a lock on the subject with the show “UFO HUNTERS” which starred Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert, and scientist Ted Ackworth .  The show was so successful it was beating John Stewart’s show in ratings.  It was getting great sponsors.  Life was good.

In the 3rd season, (2009) Obama started his quest to destroy the American economy and the networks were feeling it.  UFO HUNTERS was withstanding the poor economy and retained its’ sponsors.  But when investigating a suspected underground UFO base in Dulce, New Mexico, the HUNTERS came across an unexpected and inconvenient truth.  They discovered an earthly practice of “Human/Animal” cloning.  They went in search of Alien cattle mutilation and found cross specie experimentation.


Black op

Birnes goes on to say that 3 days after the airing of the “Dulce” episode, Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell introduced a bill that would make it a felony to clone Human and Animal parts.

Most of the sponsors on the History Channel are Big Pharma.  Pharmaceutical companies had their Research and development toes stepped on so they put pressure on Disney, who owns A&E, who owns the History Channel to cancel the show.  Season 3 finished airing in 2010 and Season 4 was left in the can.  Bill goes on to say that they sold the Ideas from some of the episodes to form new shows like Ancient Alien. (Which was a season 3 episode)

Below is a phone interview with Bill Birnes and I’ve uploaded the complete episode that got the series cancelled.

I feel the Topic of UFOs as well as Ghosts/Spirits is a good exercise in stretching your belief system.  Yesterday Bill O’Reilly had a discussion on the demonic possession of the 9 year old child in Gary, Indiana.  Both Bill and his guests were skeptic, yet the witnesses were credible. (A social worker and a Nurse)

As for UFO presence, I’ve always said that just because science can’t prove something exists, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It only proves ignorance.   I believe we need to keep open minds but not so open that we trip over our brains.




As a kid, I remember in 1962 my whole neighborhood standing in front of my house in the country staring up at the sky.  I said: “What are we doing”?  Someone looking up said: “We’re looking for UFOs.

“WHAT’S A UFO”? I asked.  My brother said: “It’s a flying saucer. STUPID”.   I had seen the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with GORT and Klaatu so I knew what a flying lenticular shaped object was at the age of 5 or 6

I went through my younger years looking up hoping to see something but even as a teen, I could tell the port and starboard lights of a conventional aircraft.  I stared through my Tasco telescope in the late 60s but never saw a sign of E.T. until about 30 years later.

I wasn’t looking for a UFO which was the coolest part of it.  And what absolutely confirmed my suspicions was not how it looked or sounded or the kind of lights; But the trajectory of the object.  I can remember it as if it just happened.  My family was camping just west of “Emerald Bay” in Southwest Lake Tahoe.   I was sitting (slouched) in a lawn chair around a camp fire.  The fire had died down and only hot coals were burning.

As I was “zoning out” just staring at the sky in a state of wonderful relaxation: I saw what appeared to be a shooting star only slower.  Then, to my shock (And I was in my 30s at the time and not under the influence of any substance) this meteor made a 140 degree reversal. This is a maneuver that meteors, asteroids or conventional aircraft are physically incapable of performing.

Then just as quickly as it did the 140 degree reversal, it did a 95 to 100 degree port (Left) maneuver and was gone in less than a second.  No conventional aircraft could have done these inertia defying maneuvers.  And no it wasn’t a spark from the campfire.  As I said, it looked in the beginning to be a shooting star. (Meteor) It couldn’t have been traffic lights as it was slightly off center to the zenith (directly above) of where I was looking and we were at the top of the mountain.

UFO Experience

Years later I would find out that the Tahoe Forest is part of the UFO triangle which goes from Area 51 Nevada, to Edwards AFB in Southern California, then north to Mt. Shasta in northern California.