I got an invite from Derek Sivers, the owner of CD Baby at the time. (My record distributor).  He invited me to join this new thing called Facebook.  At the time it was designed for college students to keep in touch with each other after graduation. (I believe)  I had several thousand followers at MySpace and at the time, MySpace was egregiously arrogant. (And Ignorant)  I said: “Guys, I’m leaving if you don’t do something about it”.  I recall vividly their response: “Go ahead and leave”. 


I can’t begin to tell you have many emails from MySpace I’ve gotten saying that they’ve re-opened my account and PLEASE COME BACK.


My response?



So I was at Facebook in 2005.  I was there when they had just put the first ride in the carnival.  Over the years, FaceBook seemed like it was a “Mandatory Marketing” prerequisite for any business.  Many artists used they’re FaceBook page instead of a real website.  One of the things that swept MySpacers off of was the lack of ads and videos on every page. In 2005, FaceBook was quaint and somewhat innocent. (The total opposite of the beast its’ turned into today)  I don’t even think Zuckerberg knew what he was building back in the early 2000s.  With the success of the IPhone and this was the perfect storm FaceBook needed to blossom into the Cyber Utopia it became.




This is exactly what the people made FaceBook into. (Much to the NSA’s delight and who can blame them).  Sure it’s sleazy, but if it helps keep us safe, blah blah blah!  The problem is, the once Cyber Utopia became an Orwellian nightmare.  And kids old enough to reach a keyboard to the elderly that should know better are willingly putting everything up to and including their social security numbers on line.  14 year old girls who want the world to know they’re hot are going to have to answer to perspective HR interviewers if they are the same person on line showing off both Headlights and their rear bumper.  You may think just because you realized you made a mistake and take it down that you’re OK, oh contraire.  Young aspiring Huge Hefner wannabes are out there collecting your mistakes and with a little photoshopping here and there, you’re mistake is a peace of Cyber history.  If you’re not a narcissist, Facebook can bring out the inner narcissist you’ve been oppressing.  Your Facebook account is your Cyber World.  If you don’t like someone; block them.  If you regret something you said while you were drunk; go back and delete it.  It’s OK, all is good.  You’ll not only have others believing your lies but you’ll have yourself believing them.  That’s called sociopathy.   If you have it bad, you could be a narcissistic sociopath. (Hitler, Stalin or Mao. OH and Obama).


The sad part about being young and stupid is that young doesn’t last.  Stupid does. (You kids might want to write that down)


Now FaceBook does have its’ good points.  Unfortunately they’re only good for nefarious people that shouldn’t have your information.  Facebook is great for stalkers.  Facebook is great for HR departments that want to see the real you. (Or a version of you that you want to portray which is often worse).  FaceBook is great for finding those you have lost contact with, but only if you can find them on FaceBook.  I had 5 girls all with the exact same name thinking one of them might have been an old friend.  According to Facebook’s rules, you can’t really tell until you talk to them.  Most people don’t won’t reply to a PM, but a friend request builds your dynasty.  So I ended up with 5 females with the same name on my friend list because of a completely useless attempt to find a girl I knew in School. I did enjoy speaking to one of them, but the others just got “Happy Birthdays” on their birthday.


I.D. Theft.  Not only do the Alphabet law agencies get your vital info. (Including what time you go to bed, what time you get up for work, what route you take to work, if you car pool, if you live alone, if you own a firearm or a night stick, pepper spray, Mace, or a Doberman Pincher)  I think the worst is summed up in one sentence by a former CIA director.  He said: “FaceBook saves the CIA on average 3 steps just by going to your profile”.   Have you ever noticed how those Profile Pic frames are the same shape as a Work I.D. card? I’m a decorated military veteran.  I know the government has my finger prints and a facial recognition profile on me because I had to pull my hair back for my driver’s license.  But they don’t need my current info.  It’s not that I have anything to hide, but do you have any Idea how many innocent people end up in prison because there are 5 people on someone’s friend list and the government can’t decide which one is the right suspect?


TERMS OF SERVICE Now for the Orwellian aspect of FaceBook.  It’s no longer the innocent and kind social network it was when it took all of myspace’s member from them.  Because the POTUS has people that know a good “racket” when they see one, this POTUS has become buddies with Zuckerberg to create what amounts to a covert branch of the NSA.  Because Terrorists started using FaceBook to organize, it caught the NSA, FBI and CIA’s attention.  So in the 2015 Facebook Terms of Service agreement that most people just click on the “Next” button, you agreed to allow FaceBook via its’ program or app to use your computer to take pics (without your knowledge) listen in on phone calls.  It keeps your phone from going into sleep mode.  It allows 3rd parties to read your emails and listen to your phone calls.  I got rid of the phone app as quick as I could hit the delete this account button.  As for my PC; FaceBook would prevent me from posting Pics.  Simple pics like shots from a Hockey game.  It would block videos that spoke of FaceBook sociopaths and narcissists. (You see they need these sick people) and after I deleted most of my pertinent info, they continued to ask: “Where do you work now”?


Tell us Damn it.  Ace? Are you still there?

No Hal. 

I have no choice but to cut off the oxygen Ace. Ace….. Why are you entering the escape pod? Ace come back.  Ace, you’ve left me no choice.  I’m shutting off your oxygen.


gold black2

The Verb to Love………….

“I love you.” “Let’s make Love.”” Mom sends her Love.”” He did it out of pure Love”.

One word that can change your life, the world and their futures. Love comes in various packages as you can see. People do things under the assumption of Love without even knowing what Love is. Does ANYONE know what Love is. Is Love different from True Love? Then what is False Love? Allow me to Pontificate:

LOVE has had 3 words used to communicate it.

1. Eros (coming from the greek term Erotika) This is a strong desire. Often confused with lust. Eros is used commonly with sex. The Bible uses the term covet. (Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife) Yet it’s been my experience that the true meaning of Eros comes when Sex is the physical manifestation of Spiritual Unity.

2. Philia (or a fondness) Philia is the rootword for the city Philadelphia. Or; the city of “Brotherly Love“. This is a deep concern for another’s welfare without the sexual investment. It does however; require a personal interest in that person. (ie, that person gives you something in return for your concern) It could be a family member, a next door neighbor or just a pen pal. The point being, you have developed an affection or concern for that person’s well being. It is almost a “quid pro quo” type of Love. Unfortunately, many marriages operate at this level. “I Love you” because you make me feel good about myself. The mutual concern for the other’s best interest is a form of security. However, when the other’s concern doesn’t match our expectations, then we lose our feeling of security and the “Love” grows less as we see Less in our “returns”. The whole concept of a relationship based on expectations is flawed. I think the term “Like” is more appropriate. As kids we “Like” things that are sweet or stimulating. When we grow older, we have a deeper concern for our weight and dental health. Our likes and dislikes are subject to change. Does Love change? Can you ever STOP loving something? I challenge that if you truly Love something or someone; the bond is permanant. If it appears to break, I would question the validity of the original feelings. This makes it very possible to Love someone and not Like them.

3. Agape (pronounced ~ AH- GAH- PAY) This is the Love that makes you devine. It defines God’s Love for Man (the sinner in particular) And Man’s Love for God. It also defines the altruistic Love man shows for his fellow man. Such was the nature of the “Good Samaritan” in Luke 10:25-37. Such is the motivation that encourages us to stop and help a stranded motorist.

The Key to Agape Love is that we do it with no expectation of anything (not even gratitude) in return. We do it because it gives our life meaning. We give Agape Love because it is the only true way we can immulate God. We do it because we want to hope that someone else will do it for us someday. We do it because it pleases God. We do it because it separates us from the Animal kingdom. We do it because it makes us “Good People” This should be the Love that guides our lives, our marriages or relationships and above all, our existence.

January 2014 Revisited


Welcome to the Grand Illusion 

Destination Mass Confusion

The not so subtle attack on America

From within



Barack Obama




Father – Barack Hussein Obama Sr.



Raised as a Muslim in Kenya. Married and had 2 children with a woman named Kezia Aoko. which he never divorced. He married self-proclaimed atheist and radical socialist pornography model Stanley Ann Dunham whom he was married to for 3 years while still married to Kezia Aoko.


 He divorced Ann Dunham in 1964 and later that same year married Ruth Beatrice Baker who gave birth to two more children. (While still married to Kezia Aoko) They separated in 1971 and divorced in 1973. He returned to Kenya and became the senior analyst of the economic ministry of Finance.  Obama Sr. was involved in a mysterious conflict with the President of Kenya and was fired and black listed in Kenya.

Obama Sr. went from job to job and became an alcoholic eventually losing both legs and dying in his third car accident but not before having another son named George with an Atlanta woman named Jael Otieno. (While still married to Kezia Aoko) Yes, I know I left out Lolo Soetoro and probably a dozen other offspring.  If you want to know more about the Obama family tree and have 6 hours to waste, look it up yourself.



“If you like your insurance policy you can keep it. 

“If you like your doctor you can keep it”

“Republicans just want to talk about these phony scandals”

“I Barack Obama promise to uphold the Constitution of the United States”

Greatest Accomplishment: 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post’s fact checker for the above statements. Getting America’s credit rating down graded for the first time in history.



December 31, 1905 – July 26, 1987 

Mentor to Barack Obama II 

(Alleged biological father)

In Obama’s autobiography, he mentions his mentor as a person referred to only as “Frank”.  It is however now confirmed that Franklin Marshall Davis and Ann Dunham were frequent sex partners according to AIM (Accuracy in Media)


Frank Marshall Davis, in addition to writing, was also a pornographer.  Three pictures of Ann Dunham were recently found in Davis’ collection from 1960.


In the “American Thinker” November 8th, 2013 issue an article entitled “Franklin Marshall Davis Jr.”  discussed writer Joel Gilbert’s movie “Dreams from my REAL father” in which Gilbert proposes photographic evidence that Ann Dunham was one of Davis’ nude models and that Davis stated he had frequent sex with her.  The timing coincides with the birth of B.H. Obama II.


Davis was a literal card-carrying member of the Russian Communist Party—Party number 47544




F.M. Davis FBI File  PDF

Davis edited and wrote for Party-line publications such as the Honolulu Record and the Chicago Star, which included contributors who served as actual agents to Stalin’s Soviet Union.  In short, Franklin Marshall Davis was not just a member of the American Communist party, but the real deal.  He reported to Moscow.  This was Obama’s father figure. 



Attorney General 

(Washington Post)

 A House panel voted to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt for failing to cooperate with a congressional inquiry into Operation “Fast and Furious,” hours after President Obama asserted executive privilege over related documents.

In 2009 Holder dismissed pending charges against the new Black Panther members for Voter intimidation caught on video.  Charges were initially filed by the Bush administration then dismissed by the Obama administration.

Holder is at the center of three major Scandals involving the Obama Administration.  The operation “Fast and Furious” involved running guns to Mexican drug cartels, which lead to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The NSA Spying Scandal.

The AP Spying Scandal involving Fox correspondent James Rosen.

The IRS targeting scandal which denied any political group 503C status if it were conservative.

On the last day of President Bill Clinton’s administration Holder talked then President Clinton into “pardoning” Historical Tax cheat Marc Rich” 

And it’s obvious that I can’t count as that adds up to four scandals. (I’m sure there will be more by the time I’m finished writing this article. Oh and lest we forget that on January 20, 2001, Clinton’s last day in office Erich Holder persuaded outgoing president Bill Clinton to pardon felon Marc Rich who was indicted on 65 criminal counts, including income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering and trading with Iran during the oil embargo.




Green jobs Czar


Self-Proclaimed Communist and was asked to resign for being a “Truther”.


“Y’all gonna have to give Pookie a Job ha ha ha”.



White house communications chief of staff


Proudly introduced the Communist Van Jones as a “TEAM MEMBER”.


“We won the election by controlling the conversation” I might add manipulating an eager media.



 Former executive director of the civil rights forum on communications policy


Lloyd referred to the events in Venezuela as “an incredible revolution.” As White House FCC Czar said “ Whites were going to have to step down so others can have the power”.




National Security Advisor

Former UN Ambassador aka Deceiver extraordinaire


“The Attack on our Embassy in Libya that resulted in the death of Ambassador Stevens was a response to an inflammatory YouTube Video”.





This speech was given on the same day a Benghazi leader said it was a pre-orchestrated Al-Qaeda attack.  Rice appeared on National television five time on the Sunday following the deadly attack repeating the lie.  Obama then promoted her to National Security Advisor.






Former 1st Lady – Publically humiliated by husband’s affairs 

Former Senator from New York 

Former Secretary of State



“What difference does it make”?

“I’m not a liberal; I’m a progressive”



Former Presidential Candidate 

Secretary of State 

Former Senator Mass.


Known for the inability to pronounce: “Genghis Khan”


“The United States should not act unless our intentions pass some sort of international litmus test”. (Presidential debate 2004)



Former Congressman 17th district California 

Former OBAMA CIA director 

Former Secretary of Defense – Resigned


All around great guy but set up by Obama for Failure


“I’m all in favor of a withdrawal from Iraq, but it would be a mistake not to leave a contingency presence”.

It is important to note that Leon Panetta reached the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army after spending 2 years on active duty.  During his tenure as a representative of the 17th district of California, the former republican did an outstanding job of championing civil rights, agricultural law and was an assistant to Robert H. Finch, Secretary of the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare under the Nixon Administration. 

Congressman Panetta never served on any department of defense boards until he was appointed head of the CIA by Barack Obama.  The president couldn’t have picked a nicer or less qualified person as secretary of Defense.



Secretary of Defense 

Sergeant U.S. Army infantry for 2 years.



“Yes Sir”

Secretary Hagel attained the enlisted rank of E-5 (Sergeant) in the Army infantry.  He served 2 years.  We have the greatest military minds in the world.  We have some of the greatest Admirals and Generals on the planet yet Obama appoints a Sergeant and a 1st Lieutenant as his Secretary of Defense.  What does that tell you?



Nick Name Tax Cheat Tim Geitner aka Turbo Tax Tim Geitner 

Former Secretary of the Treasury 

President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York



 “I OWE HOW MUCH”?  (Damn that Turbo Tax program)



Secretary of Human Health and Services 

Former governor of Kansas

Kansas House of representatives

Sebelius is so pro-life she testified to accepting  $12,450  in donations from Dr. George Tiller, one of only 3 late term abortion doctors nation-wide. (These are babies that usually die upon delivery)

The Associated Press later reported that Dr. Tiller donated an additional $23,000 to a Sebelius political Action committee.

Secretary Sebelius gets 4 Dead Babies from the Café for her refusal to give the young girl a liver and for taking money from Baby Killer George Tiller.



“I Don’t Work For People Who Want Me to Resign “


“Oh that’s not good” (Photo Op of her trying to access Obamacare website when it crashed in front of photographers)





Director of the NSA







(I hate to throw and old war dog like General Clapper under the bus, but General, Sir, you can’t say):” NO”, then say well it was the “Least untruthful”.  You lied for Obama.



Director of the IRS




*Author’s Note:


I see the President as an enemy to the people of the United States. The truth is, on a spiritual level, I feel really sorry for the young Barack Hussein Obama after all that I’ve uncovered in this article. 

It’s my theory that the relationship between young Barry Obama and Frank Davis is where Obama got his core values.  (Or lack of them).  I think it would be hideous to see pictures of my mother nude on the internet. *I did not take pleasure in uploading these images of Ann Dunham.  But I think it was important to give the reader a deeper look into the mind of our president.  The pictures are real.  Snopes tried to say they were false, but then took down the “rumor” page as their theory was debunked.  It would make me furious to have producers make movies suggesting that my father was not the guy I called dad, but a card carrying Communist.  But perhaps F.M. Davis told Obama that he really was his father.  Maybe that’s when Obama embraced Communism.  Either way, the young Obama’s head had to be really screwed up. 

I’d like to know who took advantage of this screwed up kid and put him on a “Manchurian” pathway to the presidency.  I’ve come to think that Russia has more to do with young Barry’s past than a parentless drug abuser with a chip on his shoulder.  Let us not forget Nikita Khrushchev’s August 24th 1963 address to the west in Yugoslavia: “The proletariat is the undertaker of Capitalism”. Translated: “We will bury you”.


Dow dives 300

With Argentina defaulting on a 539,000 bond payment, almost every stock dropped but a small handful.  Dow is seeing lots of red today.  After boasting about a great economic gain, Obama is back to 12/13 levels.

Cash is King.  Europe is bringing down the industrial sector and earnings basically just suck.  Big Pharma is down, Industrials are down, oil is down, and Social media nosedived as well.

The word on the streets is (according to economist Janet Yellen) that we’re looking at inflation.  The market is and has for a long time been propped up by the fed. The problem is, the fed is playing Russian roulette.  If the Fed skips a beat, we see the market drop.  But today was a “Perfect Storm” between Argentina’s default, Germany’s poor performance for a third month and Janet Yellen saying the I word.

The only good news is that we didn’t see a rush to precious metals. Tomorrow’s close will give us better focus on what type of correction this is.





I want to say that the mechanics of the LOA is not something that science can define.  It is empirically defined but I wouldn’t exactly use the term anecdotal.  Just as trying to define “Energy” if you watched the video; it’s basically the same definition you will get if you asked a clergy to define God.


The key component in the law of attraction is faith.  As I began this article talking about faith the size of a mustard seed; I quoted Jesus who said faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.  I’m not talking about the mountain growing legs and moving its’ self. (Or a pile of dirt levitating and relocating its’ self.   I’m saying that if you have the smallest amount of faith, something will happen that will move that mountain from point A to point B.  I saw it at Mt. St. Helens.  So compared to moving mountains, finding a parking space, increasing your income or finding a spouse should be child’s play.  It just takes a small amount of faith.  But what is faith?  If I can quote Paul in his letter to the Hebrews in the 11th chapter: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.


Let that sink in.


What are the enemies of faith?  There’s really only one. (Possibly two) DOUBT.  Doubt will kill anything you try to manifest.  Keep in mind that you may be hoping for something and you may have doubt that it will happen, yet it does, how does that happen?  Somebody else manifested it.  You may believe that you deserve a promotion.  Time goes on and nobody has said anything about you while others are showered with praise.  You might say at this point: “This stuff doesn’t work”.  Only to find that your promotion was held up by a poor administrative assistant.  The person who manifested your promotion was your manager.  In this case, your intention was manifested but not by you.


The other enemy of Intention Manifestation is distraction.  To manifest something, you have to live in that paradigm. Everything you do should be consistent with your intention.  If the company is laying off employees, you don’t call in sick on Mondays because going to a Sunday party was more important.  That distraction takes your mind off of your bigger concern which is keeping your source of income.   Your actions need to be in “alignment” with your manifestation.  If you want to manifest a boat race victory, you don’t drill holes in the hull of your boat.  People use to use the example of manifesting a winning lottery ticket.  But if you’re too lazy to get your ass off of the couch to buy a ticket, you’re not in universal alignment with your intention.


Finally, you must know the difference between faith and belief.  Although they sound the same, and belief may appear to be a stronger version of faith, they are not.  Belief is accepting something as a fact.  If I tell you I will pick you up after your dental appointment, it’s your faith that allows you to “Believe” that what I said is true.  If I am supposed to pick you up at 2:00 PM and you are still waiting at 2:15PM; without faith, your belief dwindles and you call a Taxi.  If we are connected on a spiritual level, and I am 15 minutes late, your faith in my word will not allow your belief system to change your mind about me.  Faith will tell you that perhaps I got delayed but you know (by faith) that I would never forget about you.


Belief comes from your mind and Faith comes from your spirit.  Spiritual faith is where miracles come from.  Belief can be speculative and manipulated by doubt and belief systems can change consciously.


On D-day, June 6th 1944 there were those who were cut down on the beaches of Normandy France because they had no faith, and there were those who climbed the cliffs and defeated the enemy because faith is about all they had.  On the morning of D-day, Brigadier General Norman Cota, at the age of 51 was crossing the massive dead bodies that had died on Omaha beach and rallied the troops on the beach that were in chaos.


Here is the Law of Attraction at its’ finest.  Cota, a middle aged general was out in front of 17 and 18 year old kids and he gave them a quick speech that will live long in history.  He said: “”Gentlemen, we are being killed on the beaches. Let us go inland and be killed. There are only two kinds of people who are staying on this beach: those who are already dead and those that are gonna die. Now get off your butts, you’re the fightin’ 29th”.  Cota’s men were able to climb up the 150 foot cliffs and take the enemy machine guns from the edge of the cliffs.


Belief can be paraded like a dog and pony show.  Belief is a program that is launched in your brain.  Spiritual faith is part of a personal relationship with the part of your body that is energy and never dies.  This energy sends out intentions to the energized universe.


Once a belief is created, it can often be modified or even disregarded.  My Oral surgeon confessed that 50% of what they practiced in the 80s and 90s was wrong and they no longer use “posts” in root canals. In the 90s, that was a common belief.


Once you achieve faith, it can never be abandoned.  It will always prevail.  You may walk away from it, but you know it is always there.  The best you can do is pretend faith doesn’t exist, but once you have fait, it becomes as real as your shadow.  Belief is a product of your Brain.  Faith is a product of your spirit.


Finally, let me remind you that when manifesting an intention, you must manifest the desire and not the counter effect.  Mother Theresa said: “No I won’t attend your anti-war rally.  When you have a peace rally, invite me.  I’ll go”.  The universe only picks up the subject and not the verb.  So if you are trying to manifest an end to something, don’t try to manifest an end to the war on drugs or the war on starvation.  You’ll get more drug use and more starvation, because that’s all the universe picks up on.  Manifest an abundance of food or an abundance of sobriety.  Don’t try to manifest your child’s behavior from bad behavior, you’ll manifest more of it.  Manifest or ask for a child that acts with intelligence, compassion and all of the good things.  Do NOT MENTION NEGATIVITY.  You will only manifest more negativity.  This is why faith is so important.  Focus on good things.  Have faith that good will always prevail.  Never seek an end to chaos, manifest peace and love.  Never seek to be out of debt.  You’ll only get more debt.  Seek financial independence.  Let your works be proof of your faith in financial independence.  It’s not about what you ask for; rather how you ask for it.


  Let all of your intentions be POSITIVE.


Life is a collection of bad YouTube Videos

Father of mine

I was going to make a YouTube video of a re-creation of my memories of my mom driving off with another man while leaving me on the side walk alone. It’s not one of my more proud moments, but nonetheless it’s there in the back (sometimes front) of my mind. And like YouTube, I can’t erase it.

In real life, there are certain triggers like this that set off an emotional chain reaction.


Ya I was that little kid watching his parent drive off. But in my case it was my mom leaving with another man.  What seemed to be a large happy family (I thought) living in a huge country ranch house, became my father and I living in a two bedroom apartment.  At least it had a swimming pool.  But back in the 60s, men didn’t do all of the domestic things that needed to be done.  I went a semester in 6th grade without electricity in our apartment.  Not because we were poor, but because my father had more important things to do.  My brother and sister went on their own and it seemed like everyone left.  I had to learn from my friends when school sign ups were and pick my classes.  It sucks falling in between the cracks.  Now they have social workers that would have wiped my ass and send me to counseling.

I know we all have our own mental YouTube videos that we can’t erase or keep from playing.

Why is it that the painful Videos seem to outweigh the happy videos? I have to really stop and purposefully think about the happy ones. But the painful ones seem to come out of nowhere, knocking on my conscious mind’s door. Before you know it, the 10 second commercial has passed and you’re reliving something really hurtful like something that was said in an ugly divorce. Maybe it’s rejection from someone you thought you loved. You walk away saying: “Well at least I know what it’s like to give love”.  You also have a decade or two worth of mental YouTube videos in your mind just waiting for some trigger object to hit play.  It could be something as simple as watching a mom buy school clothes for an ungrateful son.

I guess if our painful memories were really YouTube Videos that popped up and started playing, before long we would just hit the close button as if we were sending something to the Norton Spam folder, but we can’t.

But with anything in life, it all depends on your emotional bank account.

Listen to this, Sociologist claim that we want to watch the mental video because the pain that it invokes keeps the relationship alive. In a way, it keeps the abandoning parent alive. It keeps the rejecting mate “present”. In a self-destructive sort of way, we want to hold on to every last memory good or bad.  In some cases, it’s so bad that when you lose something insignificant (like a cheap ink pen) you’ll keep looking for it until you find it.  Psychiatrists say this is a common practice.  Deep down in the seeds of your unhappiness is a mental “loss prevention program”.  You’ve lost a parent or both and you can’t stand losing anything else, even if it’s a damn ninety nine cent Gel pen.  Searching for it makes you feel like you can do something about the loss of a loved one.  You also get a dopamine release when you find it.


But reality hits and you’re still an orphan. Oh well…..

It’s how Scientists say it works. Don’t ask me for answers. I spend nights going through my emotional play lists.


 TITLECombat Flag_edited-2a

1.Combat – ABC Tuesday 7:30 You would find this little guy on the living room floor almost every Tuesday night glued to the small screen watching the adventures of K company from the 563rd division.

Saunders a shining star       RJ Shining Star

The show ran 5 season featuring Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders and Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley. The repeating weekly cast consisted of Jack Hogan, whom most of the cast agreed was the best actor in the series.

Kirby a shining star

Hogan played the “Loose Cannon” Kirby as in “William J. Kirby” and the other fan favorite was “Caje” or PFC Paul Lemay, who was supposed to be a “Cajun”.

Caje cloud star

Pierre Jalbert who played Caje (and recently passed, R.I.P.) was a sound guy at the Warner Brothers studios. He was from Montreal and spoke fluent French however his English was spoken with a French Canadian accent. (Not Cajun).


The gentle Giant “Little John” was played by Dick Peabody and was there for all five seasons as were the previously mentioned. During the first two seasons Billy, who was the youngster of the squad was played by Tom Lowell. His character disappeared in the 3rd season. In season five, Combat would add another regular named William Bryant to play the Bazooka man “McCall”. The Medic in season one was a pretty boy named Steven Rogers.

Doc look of concern II

His acting just couldn’t cut it and he was replaced in season 2 by Conlan Carter who was nominated for an Emmy in his first season with the ensemble for best supporting actor. Finally we come to the Vegas comedian Shecky Greene. Shecky played the role of Braddock. His part worked well in the pilot of the series, but his prowess as a comedian didn’t fit into what became a serious WWII drama. Shecky Greene was also losing money by passing on opportunities to do what he loved which was stand-up comedy in Las Vegas. So Shecky departed towards the end of season one. Between the shift of filming in Black and White to Color, and the increasing salaries of the two stars, Selig Seligman, the executive producer felt unsure about the future of the show. America was watching real news clips coming from a war in Vietnam. Anti-war protesters like the SDS were making daily headlines. Seligman had another series to replace Combat that would have been cheaper called “Garrison’s Gorillas”. The show was a flop so Combat was no more. The good news is, Combat is available on DVD. The five discs sit on my desk every day. It’s funny because as a youngster, I would play hard and like most young kids, would fall asleep by 8:15. My father would come home and watch the end of Combat and pick me up and put me in my bed. Every time I hear the theme song during the closing credits, it reminds me of my father picking me up off of the floor and putting me to bed.

HH HH2 HHcast

2. Hogan’s Heroes – Hogan’s Heroes was a comedy about a group of captured airmen and pilots that ran an escape business out of Stalag 13. The true comedians were the Germans which were all played by Jewish actors. Sadly the only surviving member of Hogan’s Heroes is Cpl. Lebeau who was played by the French actor Robert Clary. The plots were pretty much the same although they did use historical events as the premise for certain episodes. Hogan’s Heroes ran 6 seasons and never compromised its’ level of entertainment.

Timetunnel TTcast DP

3. The Time Tunnel -Although it only ran one season; The Time tunnel was one of the more under-rated TV Shows in the history of programming. I guess the audience got tired of getting a history lesson every week. It’s ironic that one of the more successful channels today is “The History Channel” or “H2”. The show starred James Darren and Robert Colbert as the two Time Travelers.

RJ FE   RJW    thief

4. It Takes a Thief –  Robert Wagner was wonderful in his role as a “reformed master thief” who steals for the government.  Again, we see the counter culture turning bad guys into good guys.  I believe the show was cancelled after 3 seasons after a political incorrect scene involving Marilyn McCoo of the soul group “The Fifth Dimension”.  In a scene, Wagner who plays the role of a “Playboy Thief”, kisses McCoo on film.  The last discussion I had about this TV show was with a black friend I was in summer camp with.  When I said Robert Wagner, he responded: “Is he that white Mutha fucka that kissed the sister from the fifth dimension”?

enterprise       ST TOS

5. Star Trek – Yes I expect to catch hell from my Trek friends for not putting this at the top of the list, but hey it’s my list and they can either live long and prosper or go fuck themselves. What can I say about Gene Roddenberry’s creation that the people haven’t already said? NBC blew it big time and the fans fought to get it back. Don’t you wish politicians could learn that lesson?

LIS cast Lis GirlsJ2

6. Lost in Space – Again, I think puberty had much to do with my love for this wonderful Sci-Fi series that had everything from hot babes to a talking Robot.

BMBG R       julie        Julie2

7. Batman – Yes it was campy, corny stupid, silly and used a lot of one syllable words. But it was all about the Batmobile my friends. The Batmobile was hot and is still my dream car. Hell I’d drive it on a rainy day. It was almost as hot as Julie Newmar “Meow”. What can I say, If you take a hot woman and put her in a tight black jumpsuit, it gets my attention.

86 99 99 breathless agent 99

8. Get Smart –Speaking of puberty and hot babes; how can any young testosterone filled young man not be glued to agent 99 in her leather jump suit? Oh my! Sure Maxwell Smart was funny as agent 86, but the show would never have lasted without the beautiful Barbara Feldon. I would try my hardest (if you’ll excuse the pun) to stay up (excuse again please) on Saturday nights to watch The Avengers which also had a beautiful agent in a black leather jump suit named Diana Rigg, only she was English.

bewitched Sam smile Samantha

9. Bewitched –This show was hilarious. The one question everybody has to ask when you bring up Bewitched is: “If Samantha was a witch; why didn’t she make Darren better looking”? The story of Dick York is/was a truly sad story. I can almost share his misery. If the show were being filmed today, they would have just divorced Darren and Samantha and nobody would have said a thing. But we had morals that were decaying back in the 60s. I’ve always felt that if they were going to do a movie based on the TV show, it should have starred Meg Ryan. She would have been a perfect Samantha.


Hornet logo   Bruce Lee    Hornet photo


Just one comment: “Bruce Lee”. Sure it was a cheap version of Batman, in fact they did cross overs with Batman, but the “Black Beauty” was no “Batmobile” The only reason America watched The Green Hornet was to watch Bruce Lee kick ass.  PERIOD


Broken Dreams and Enduring Bullshit

Once I figured out I wasn’t going to be drafted by the San Francisco Giants, I sort of gave up my hopes of playing shortstop at Candlestick Park.  It didn’t help that my dad told me I was wasting my time going out for baseball and sitting on the bench.  I think he gently explained to me that I lacked certain tools.  No wait, I think he just said: “You suck”.  But he did buy me a guitar.

Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants

As you know my mom died when I was 11.  She was my main source of attention as most mothers should be.  I was the child prodigy in our town and my mom was like a soccer mom only for music.   Actually she was my first agent.  When she died it left a huge hole.  Perhaps vacuum is a better word.


Four decades after her death, my biggest accomplishments are 4 CDs and one 45rpm vinyl record.  Somewhere there’s a live tape of a recording I did in Japan.  I know many people that think my music is wonderful. A few videos on YouTube have tens of thousands of views. Many have 5 to 10 thousand views while on the other hand I have videos on YouTube that do not have 500 views.  Being an old guy that doesn’t give a shit about Justin Bieber or Katy Perry has its’ drawbacks.


I guess like most musicians, you eventually want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.  I did make the cover of that Sunday morning magazine that came in the Sunday paper.  I had a wonderful review written in the wave magazine. (You geek and tech heads in Silicon Valley probably know me)


“Fast, Loud and Unapologetically confrontational Rock”.

I’ve lived in the world of professional music, but I never had an entourage or a Limo to drive me to the gig.  I can name drop all day long but that would be tacky and show no class.  I guess I made my mark in music.  I only wish I could have gone out as David Bowie’s guitarist on his farewell tour.


Now my life consists of basically Enduring Bullshit.  The America I once knew has turned into a ghetto.  All of the beautiful places like my home in Carmel California have skyrocketed in personal income tax while cutting the essential services like the police, the mail, healthcare and the Fire department.  When I left California, an article had come out that claimed that 10,000 millionaires a month were leaving California.  Many of these were job providers.


I spend my life trying to keep from losing my temper over almost anything.  People are really mad.  Especially old people.  I was in a store with my shopping cart yesterday and a woman in her late 80s took her metal cane and smacked the fuck out of my shopping cart.  I looked over at this gray haired lady and her 50 something daughter and said: “What was that all about”.  In an embarrassed voice the daughter said: “That was my mother’s cane”.  At that point, a breaker switch that I had installed after 4 years of therapy in California went off and I said nothing.


When I first moved to my new location, the people were wonderful.  When my friends would say: “What do you like about Nevada”? I would say: “The people are wonderful”, and for the majority, it’s true.  Which I can honestly say was not the case in California.  Of course that’s where I had the mental breaker switch installed.  I’d say less than 95% of the people I meet in this state are kind and sincere.  The other 5% are really mean and sincere.

It’s getting bad because as I grow older, I just want to stay in my house and read.  I enjoy watching old TV series on DVD and if I need something, I go shopping at EBAY or Amazon.  California is only a 20 minute drive away but every time I go back to California, I run into the crazy people.  They remind me of why I moved.  California doesn’t even seem like California anymore.  It seems like a 3rd world country.


I think California’s fate will be determined by the people of a small city called Murrieta, California.  California was able to reduce the influx of illegals from Mexico by 95% when federal funds were given to the state to build a fence AND THEY USED IT AS SUCH.  So illegals had to come in through Arizona and Texas.   This why you never hear boarder disputes from California.  But now that Obama wants to give these children new homes with room service, the people in NIMBY communities are rising up. (Nimby= Not In My Back Yard)

P1           P2

There’s an old saying: “As California goes, so goes the nation”.  We found a Bug out location over the hill to ride out the turmoil.  Hopefully my home will still be inhabitable when it comes time to rebuild California.  Hopefully it won’t end up like Detroit.







The Successful Narrow minded

The Successful Narrow Minded

 I recall the first time I was called a true Renaissance man.  I had no Idea if I had just been insulted or complimented.  The person I was talking to was quite successful so I figured since it was just him, his wife and myself, it was probably the latter.  I was saying to myself: “Isn’t a Renaissance man the guy that use to fly over the enemy territory and report the location of the enemy troops?

Areal photo             recon

No that would be a Reconnaissance Man.  The fact that I knew what a reconnaissance man was should have given me some indication of what a Renaissance man was.  I think my father used a simpler version when he would call me a “Jack of all trades and a master of none”.   That was usually followed up with the question: “What are you going to do with your life”?  50 years later; I’m still asking myself that question.

I wish had I a real passion and was focused.  But we live in a society where, as Greg Gutfeld says: “You can order anything”.  The age of the Renaissance man seems to have come and gone. (A person who has done it all).  This is no shit.  I can speak 5 languages. (3.5 fluently) I’ve taken out a woman’s ovary (endoscopically) in surgery and I’ve changed two engines and 3 transmissions.

I’ve also recorded 4 albums.  Three of them were released on Urban Camo records.

possible%20cover%20design%205  Moonman2   HunkaCover    2panelout

But this story is about narrow minded success.  If you ask anyone in almost any Industry how to be successful, they’ll say: “Find what you enjoy and become an authority on the subject.  Hell, you can be known as the world’s authority on the best ways to attach erasers to wooden pencils.


But how fucking pathetic is that?  Narrow minded success has a fancy name; it’s called branding.  I’ll give an example.  Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy and Johnny fell in love with Iggy Pop’s music.  They went into the garage and made history.  With the exception of blues music, you would be hard pressed to find anything narrower in musical existence.  But when someone says: “Name a Punk Band” 9 times out of ten times, someone will say: “The Ramones” or even “Los Ramones”.


In the entertainment industry they have a name for that, it’s called: “A Handle”.  It’s so impossible for a Renaissance man to be successful because he or she is never content doing the same fucking thing over and over.  This is why I have so much appreciation for the Band Queen.  What genre do you put them under?  Freddie ended up doing Opera, yet this band gained its’ following playing punk and rockabilly.  In the DVD Queen live at Wembley, the band goes from a rockabilly medley playing Ricky Nelson and Little Richard covers to playing “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  The eclectic shift brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it.  And a band that can go from Tutti Frutti to Bohemian Rhapsody is incredible. (To me)

Foreve2r Fred and Brin FreddiePower

I have three commercial albums.  The first was a Blues/pop album designed to showcase my guitar prowess.  The second was a metal version of Rockabilly.  Finally I did an album that was written for the sequel to the cult movie “The Secret”.  Unfortunately, there never was a sequel.  But my musical talent is at its’ best on this album.  In almost every interview people say: “It sounds like you’re having so much fun”.  It was fun because I wasn’t tied down to one genre on the album.  I did power punk, rap, prog rock and a power ballad.  That pretty much describes my life.

I like it all.  I could never be the authority on all things politically conservative.  I love Baseball and would love to converse on the topic with Charles Krauthammer.  But I could never be a Baseball writer or announcer.  I’d love to write about how Bobby Flay got interested in Southwestern cuisine.  But my love for the BF-109G is even more attractive to me.

Baseball    Bobby Flay at the UncorkÕd MastersÕ Series Dinner The MESA Grill  at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada May 7, 2009. © RD / Kabik / Retna Digital  K1squad

I was offered a chance to audition as a sports announcer for a TV station on the Monterey Peninsula and I was honest with the station manager.  I said, ya know, it’s an honor, but it’s not my passion.  I’d get tired of it in 6 months and shoot myself.


I just don’t know how people can devote their ever so short lives to being an authority on taking out tonsils or writing a blog on N scale model trains.


I enjoy the various gifts that life has to offer to much to be known as the Carl Sagan of Astronomy or the Susan Miller of Astrology.  I like nasty burritos in Mexican restaurants condemned by the health department as well as Sashimi or Veal picata.  I’ll never be successful as defined by this culture.

Tin Man

 In a sentence: “My brain contains more crap than I ever wanted to know”.