In Russia it’s the 4th of July



The Patriot

I’ve finally reached the end of my rope with Americans that don’t respect their country. And I know they mean well, but damn it, Today is “Independence Day”.  You do not say: “Happy 25th of  December or Happy first of January”.   On your Birthday do you get a card that says, Happy June 22nd?  The 4th of July is just a day on the calendar. Independence Day should make you reflect on the sacrifices of the “Minute Men” and “The Sons of The American Revolution” . It should make you think about the courage of the George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons and Nathan Hale. Nathan Hale was barely 21 when he chose death over selling out his country. He was hung as a spy for the “Colonists”.

Pat 3

Today is a day many will appreciate as a 3rd day of a 3 day week end. Barbeque sales will be at their peak today. Many pre-school students will associate the term “Independence Day” with ID4. The Will Smith movie where we defend our planet from Aliens. In a sad way, it seems that Hollywood wants to overlook the essence of the real “Independence Day” and replace it with a “New World Order” Independence day.  If you want your kids to get a better Idea of what we’re celebrating, let them watch “The Patriot”.

The Movie

Today please remember; “Freedom is not free”.  A price was paid for our autonomy. The willingness to FIGHT for our freedom was the cost of freedom. Those who risked their lives and those who sacrificed their lives; paid the ultimate price of freedom.  No, freedom is not free.  It never was and never will be.

flag colony

If you can put down your bottle rockets, or your barbequed chicken wing long enough to reflect back on the Love and sacrifice that was shown for Liberty, you will indeed be glorifying the true meaning of Independence Day.

Patriot movie





The Man and His Work

Can you separate them?



WE live in a time when the needs of the many are outweighed by the needs of a few.  We live in a time when a Georgetown University Law Center attorney complains that an entire political party is declaring war on women because she cannot get the Tax Payers to pay for her contraceptive pills.


There are worlds where what you are should be consistent with what you do.  I do not want a child molester working at a daycare center.  I do not believe that a non-repentant terrorist should be teaching in Universities.

Ayers mug     prof Ayers

Lastly I do not feel that those who could not pass an FBI exam should be able to run for office of the President of the United States.  That’s just to name a few situations where the person’s personal character is fair game when it comes to criticizing their work.  Look at our President.  He was voted in because he was cool.  Not because he was a good potential President.


Some careers were meant for the criminally insane.  For example, painting.  Hitler wanted to be a painter but his paintings just never caught on.  Just imagine how many people would be alive today had he been a little more talented with the brush.

Hitler landscape

Not bad…..

Some careers (I feel) require a calling.  Mainly the clergy.  I’ve seen many wonderful preachers that knew the Bible inside and out and could sound like thunder in front of a congregation.  Ya see, this occupation is quite enigmatic.  Is it better to have a preacher who can bless you with the word of God, then in his spare time court prostitutes; or have a preacher that can cure insomnia with their sermons but are as pure as Ned Flanders?


In 1992 Steve Martin in a movie called “Leap of Faith” played the role of a traveling Evangelist that would roll into towns and set up a circus tent and “save souls”.  He would clean the Christians of their sins and their money.  In the movie (Which I feel is one of Martin’s best works after L.A. Story) his bus breaks down in a cow town in Kansas which has been stricken by a drought.  Martin’s character is good.  He’s a con-man that gets every last penny the worshippers have to donate.  Only in this town, the people have very little money but are need of a true miracle.


They need rain so bad they give money they don’t have.  Martin, who has been a con-artist since the age of 15 gets involved with the people of the town and is torn between taking them; or praying for them.  At the end of the movie Martin is seen “skipping” town on a big rig while the township waits for their miracle.  In the final scene the truck driver asks Martin, are you in trouble?  Martin replies: “For the first time, No”!  The truck is seen driving off as rain falls upon the small farming town.


Many people say: “I can’t watch that actor’s movies because I hate their politics.  (Sean Penn)?  Again, I’m not paying to hear him talk about politics.  Sean Penn is fine actor.  My favorite actor, Robert DeNiro, is a liberal.  I found out that his father was gay and this explained much of it for me, but unlike the activists who use their fame as a political platform (George Clooney) DeNiro has always been low keyed and level headed about politics.  Yet I’ve never engaged in a political conversation with DeNiro and do not care if I ever do.


I happen to know an orthopedic surgeon that will remain nameless, that has tremendously poor bedside manners.  His ratings on “YELP” really suck.  But he’s the best Orthopedic Surgeon I’ve ever seen.  On the other hand, the worst orthopedic surgeon I’ve ever known was just loved by his patients.  Although he would operate on the wrong extremity, they would trust him enough to let him do the correct extremity a second time.  They would come in with ink on the wrong extremity saying: “Not This LEG”.  This guy was awful but his patients (usually little old ladies) just loved him.

The other guy with the poor bedside manners has saved many a young Major League Baseball players’ careers.  (For that matter, NBA and NFL players) Yet he gets judged on his smile and sensitivity instead of his technical surgical prowess.  Again, I’m not paying him to be happy and funny.  I’m paying him to fix my knee. (The correct one).  Keep that in mind.  Great technicians are not always the most laid back individuals.


I will leave you with one quote from Gandhi.  He claimed that life was one whole unit.  I think his exact words were: “You cannot do good in one aspect of life; while trying to do bad in another.  Life is one indivisible whole”.   There are times when we need to separate the different hats that people wear.  The Great doctor with the poor bedside manner is not a nurse.  He’s a mechanic.  I’m not paying him to hold my hand and tell me: “You’ll do just fine”.  I’d just as soon not see anyone and wake up with a perfect surgical result.

Watching a Sean Penn movie will not make me a communist or a communist supporter.  On the other hand, trusting my life or my family member’s life to a doctor that I know has an abuse problem is negligent on my behalf.

Next time we’ll take it one step further and talk about how I can still “Love” someone I can’t stand.




“So Long Suckers”


The title of this article was not written by me.  I had received an email from Fox News with a link inviting me to watch former Press Secretary “Jay Carney” give his last speech from the Podium “Live”. This included the set up of the cameras and the press taking their seats.  As you can see in the photo above; the press is assembling prior to the speech.  There was a voice over the intercom that said: “2 Minute warning“. When this happened there seemed to be laughter in the room for some unexplainable reason, THEN I heard one reported shout: “So Long Suckers” as if he were mocking Jay Carney.

ADD Carney

I can’t say I’ll miss this worm.  He wasn’t nearly as fun to watch squirm as his predecessor Robert Gibbs.

Robert Gibbs

There were times when you could read Gibbs’ mind: “I can’t keep lying for this despot”  I believe when Obama decided to give up the Taliban Dream Team, even the weasel Jay Carney couldn’t handle a (finally) hostile press crew.  There were times when Carney had put his head down and rubbed his hand against his forehead in the same, “I can’t keep lying for this creep” motion reminiscent of Robert Gibbs.

It’s easy for a scumbag like Susan Rice to go out on the Sunday Talk shows and deceive America with impunity.  She has the Genetic Make up that lets her believe her own lies.  It’s harder for guys like Carney and Gibbs to go out time after time and cover Obama’s “Scandals”.  When the press secretary starts to say: “I’ll have to refer you to the IRS for that answer” You know he doesn’t want, or doesn’t have an answer for that question.  Watching someone try to lie the administration’s way out of a smoking gun situation just isn’t worth the humility and what shred of dignity they might have had.  I believe this is why people start re-signing.

I believe this is the president’s new press secretary.






And Fox News exploiting him

FS Surfer

Meet Jason Greenslate

Here’s a sad but true joke in the world of music: “What’s the difference between a Pizza and a Musician?

A Pizza will feed a family of four.

A majority of musicians face this dilemma, work as a Pizza boy and look for music gigs at night, or put forth all of your time into becoming the best musician you can be.  If financial assistance is available, and you’re not breaking the law, it turns to a moral decision.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “You’ve got mail” there’s a scene where Tom Hanks is invited to a formal get together, and he is at the Hors d’oeuvre table taking most of the caviar off of a platter with one cracker.  Meg Ryan objects by saying: “You can’t do that”!  One might ask, if they didn’t want one person to eat most of the caviar, they should have had a sign saying: “Only one teaspoon of caviar per cracker”.

I guess state entitlements (aka food stamps); should come with stricter caveats if people are going to object to those who use the program.

In the past month, Fox news has found a young healthy surfer who wants to be a rock star that signed up for SNAP. (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program). You know the program better as “Food Stamps”.  In a recent interview with Jessie Watters of Fox News, video of Jason Lobster Tails with his SNAP card was aired over and over by various shows on Fox to show how Jason is “scamming” the system and the Tax payers.  Jason confesses to getting Obamacare and 189.00 a month.  I want to ask why Fox is wasting video on a kid with a dream vs. the first family who has done more than Jason to ruin our country while “Scamming” the Tax Payers for 19 Million just on his vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s vineyard.  Not to mention the infinite rounds of golf he’s played.  Just to humiliate the young rock star wannabe; last night, Sean Hannity asked Jason if he could get him a job making $80,000 a year would he take it?  Jason boldly replied NO!

Could it be that Fox is exploiting Jason because he is white?   If you want to see the Tax Payer getting shaken down, check out this video.

If you want to vilify people that have made an “Art” out of scamming the system, go after the welfare queen above and the biological fathers that get them pregnant, then get arrested.  I’ll bet the cost of incarceration is a lot more than 189.00 a month.  Ya think?

So why is Fox News so intent of humiliating Jason?  There are plenty of egregious scammers in the black community abusing the system for a much larger amount.

I was once referred to in an article in Silicon Valley’s “Wave” Magazine as the “Guitar god from Los Altos, CA.

But when I was Jason’s age, I was working two jobs while trying to afford diapers and maybe playing my guitar every now and then.  It wasn’t until both of my sons were older and I was divorced that I ended up in a guitar store making minimum wage. (I think my take home was about 350 dollars every TWO WEEKS.  But: (I say this emphatically) Playing guitar made me the so called “Guitar god” that the Wave magazine thinks I am.

Had I been able to play 8 hours a day just as a doctor attends Med school (On a grant) when I was younger, who knows what a Guitar god in his 20’s could have done?  But I chose to have a family, support them and I sacrificed what would have been my “formative” years.  In a way I felt like I “copped out” on my dream.  I did cut 4 albums later in my life, but it was too late.

There’s a story I heard in my 40s that Jason and Fox news should hear now.  There was a kid in the early 80s that was working at a burger joint.  He was a great guitarist who was wasting his time flipping burgers.  One night, he was cleaning out the deep fat fryers.  For those of you white collar workers, those are the machines that make your French Fries and other deep fried foods.

This unknown guitarist was standing on top of one of the grease vats positioning another vat on top of a stack of other grease vats.  The top he was standing on broke and the guitarist/burger flipper sunk up to his arm pits in old French fry grease.  He said that was the point when he realized that he was a guitarist.  He quit his job at the Dairy Queen and moved to a more musician friendly city nearby where he played every night and slept on the pool table until he was able to move into a big house with his band mates.

Had he never made the move; he would probably be managing the D.Q. today with regrets (Like someone else I know) or even worse, driving Sean Hannity’s truck in Montana.  Instead, he caught a wind that took him to the top and the world will always be blessed with the music of

Stevie Ray Vaughan.


DE at Daytona

Chances, Choices, Experiences & Goals

They’re all inter-related and determine your destiny.  The term “Pre-destined” doesn’t necessarily mean that your destiny has already been decided.  Because of a simple gift God gave you.


God could have built robots that obeyed His every command.  But He wants you to trust His will.  If the life span of a North American is 80 years old, then let’s approach this article as if we are all 40 year olds.  Let’s pretend that you have half your life ahead of you and half your life behind you.


EINSTEIN SAID: “Dreams are more important than knowledge

Vision is your career compass in life.  Your burning passion is your inner voice.  Everything you do should be done with this compass of passion.  This means focusing on your future or focusing on the carnal instant gratification of youth.  If you don’t reference your Compass, you will lose track of direction, time and experience.  And if this happens; you will not be able to recognize opportunity when it is staring at you from  across a table


Timing is so important.  It has such an influence on your goals which are achieved by your choices, skills, experience, all based on your vision.  Are you with me?

It’s never too late to……..

This sentence can only be determined by you.  The questions you ask yourself in determining the end of this sentence will ALWAYS BE THE SAME.

  1. Are there rules of age? (ex. You have to be 17 to join the military

You have to be 35 to run for President of the United States).

The next question will be, do I have time develop the skills I need to achieve my goal. (And will my goal still be my goal when I’m older as society changes) For example, do I really want to open a VCR or Radio Pager shop?

And probably the most important decision you will need to make is: how much are you willing to risk to reach your goal?  Are you willing to leave Peoria Illinois to travel to Paris France to become a fashion designer?

An even bigger and more common decision is, do you want to have a family?  If you want to be a parent, it limits the doors that will be opened to you.  Unless your last name is Rockefeller; you’re going to have to establish some negotiable skills to buy diapers and a new car for your spouse. (Should you choose a conventional family.)


I can’t begin to tell you how vital chances are.  Even with the highest skills attainable, they’ll do you no good unless you have a chance to prove yourself.  But here’s something even deeper to think about.  You need to consider everything you do a chance to advance towards your goal.  Sometimes God throws us a golden bone and we’re too stupid or vain to see it as a chance to humble ourselves and beg for an internship.


Sometimes we climb the ladder of success only to get to the top rung and find out that our ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. This is often an unintended consequence of an over achiever who has decided to have a family.  You may have been a division top ten quarterback in your high school; however, once you have a kid in diapers, your love for football will lead you to a job at Big Five Sporting Goods.  By the time your two kids graduate and move out, you’ll be 40 plus.  What are your chances of trying out for the New England Patriots then?  But you were one hell of a sporting goods salesman.  So you question is: “It’s never too late to pursue a career in the NFL if you’re not over 25?

Jim Morris, better known as “the rookie” made a pitching comeback at the age of 36.  He threw a 100 MPH fastball and went from teaching a science class to throwing in “The Ball Park in Texas” in 3 months.  But sadly, his MLB career ended basically due to his age and his body’s inability to repair its’ self.

Also remember that what we esteem as being important enough to light the fire of our passion when we’re young, can change just as technology and culture change.  We’ve seen technology completely send businesses to the cemetery.

Soon, all but the very few motivated ones, will be living virtual lives.  Which in the end, is not really living at all.  Know what lights that burning passion in your life.

If society changes, never forget where the spark came from and see what other fuses it can light.  Because man has four inherent needs: “To Live, to learn, to love and finally to leave a legacy”.

Or you can be like the man Thorough wrote about in Walden: “’The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.


I say go out of this life with the pedal to the metal like race car driver Dale Earnhardt going into the final turn of the 2001 Daytona 500.  He died doing what he loved and left a fantastic legacy.  I’m not a Racing Fan or a NASCAR fan, but Dale Earnhardt’s death was glorious and a death anyone would be proud to have as their “Exclamation Point” on life!


I see nothing Obamaphone

Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin, who is acting more like Vlad the impaler;  Is invading other countries with impunity for colonial expansion.  Something Adolf Hitler did a year before invading Poland and officially starting WWII

United Kingdom, France and Germany

All are turning a bind eye to Putin’s invasion.  Visions of 100 years ago are still vivid.


Still cleaning up the Fukushima power plant and living in denial.  Fukushima is not the only concern of Japan as China has built up an impressive Navy and is looking to conquer Japan’s Islands in the Pacific during Japan’s current  misfortune.


Pulls massive wool over the U.N.’s eyes with the help of the Russian Federation. After buying more time for their nuclear program, Iran has given Obama and the world the finger.  It works on an ICBM with Impunity.  This is a good indication they have the bomb.


Under the threats of Secretary of State John Kerry, President Assad bought more time, again with the help of Vlad the invader.  Syria has turned over 20% of it’s WMDs and given Obama the finger.  Assad continues to kill with impunity.


Prime minister Netanyahu sits with his finger on a button.


Al Qaeda, The Taliban and other misfits:  Sit and wait as Afghan’s leader Corzine robs the nation blind and flees. As will the U.S. boots leaving Afghanistan the same stone age country as it was only with more bath rooms and U.S. Blood on the ground.

The World as a whole is turning into a Fiery Tempest sphere.  While WWIII is being postured by Russia and China;

Obama enjoys vacations in Hawaii while it is still a U.S. territory and continues to gut and dismantle America as we knew it.  He recently submitted a budget that would make America defenseless against our aggressors.  He wants to cut troops and Naval vessels just as China with 2.2 million troops and the world’s largest Navy watch Russia invade a free standing nation, the Ukraine, while Obama continues the destruction of America’s health care system, immigration laws, the military, police and his major priority is to give away more cell phones to the ghetto.

And of course he needs to get more rounds of golf in.  One might think he would be taking up the violin..


Or we’re all Obama’s suckers and Obama is in on the Ukraine take over.  (Remember the flexibility after the election)?



Go ahead and click on it.

Do you see a difference in the total number of troops between the Communist countries and the Freedom loving countries?


mukraine ukraine

I don’t know who said it, but without Ukraine, Russia is a country. (A 3rd world country) With Ukraine, Russia is a world power.  Ask yourself; Is Obama going to do ANYTHING besides bark at Putin?  Hell no.  Putin knows he can push Obama and the United States around.  Unless, Like Franklin Marshall Davis (Communist party member #47544 and mentor to Barack Obama); Obama is a part of the Rebuilding of the Old USSR.

Putin has given the Ukrainian Armed forces a deadline to surrender.  Now is the time to see what our fearful leader is going to do.  This is NOT a JOB for a COMMUNITY OGANIZER.  Obama is best suited for selling Girl scout cookies.  Unless he’s in on it.  Then he’s selling us out and should be tried for treason.



sofia_vergara_98I don’t usually talk about my surgical past.  Many of you know that I made my living for several years as a Surgical assistant.  It’s a trade that I learned in the military.  I saw things nobody should ever have to see.  I’ll spare you the gore.  Just believe me there were days I felt like I was living a horror movie.

I found one of the most disturbing operations that I assisted with was any thing that had to do with one’s butt.  The most common “Butt” cases that get scheduled are Pilonidal cysts, anal fistulas,  Hemorrhoidectomies,  and ……. well that’s enough.

Needless to say, none of these are brain surgery, (although some people I know…..) but most of these cases only take about 45 minutes.  In fact, in most cases, it takes longer to prepare for the operation than the operation its’ self.
The Pilonidal cyst is amongst the most common.  Let me explain how it’s handled.  The area,(usually above your rectum) has been sat on for an eternity.  When you sit on your butt day in and day out, depending on your weight and DNA,  the area about your rectum which is often a very vascular area, forms an awful cyst or as they say on the streets, “a Boil”.  Unlike a ganglion cyst or a sebaceous cyst where they make an incision, remove the encapsulated cyst then sow up the incision; your friendly neighborhood general surgeon takes what is called a “Bovie” (It’s actually the brand name of the person who popularized the “Electro Cautery knife”.  In other words, they use an electrical knife to cut the whole area above your butt hole out.  It’s an incision that looks like a football.  The difference? They don’t sew it up.  They let it “fill in” on its’ own.  The recovery is quite painful.  You are pretty much forced to stand or lay on your stomach.

What do I do?  I’m not a doctor and I’m not saying this will help you, but how closely do you use soap and water “down there”?

Seriously, your rectum needs a daily once over and if I did a lot of sitting, (and I don’t) I’d use soap and water to massage that area where the Pilonidal develops.  I have no proof it helps, but I know that I massage my scalp every day when I shampoo, and look at my hair.


I’ve been a long believer that blood flow is an important part of your health.  That’s why exercise is so important.  It forces blood to your body parts.  (Along with air and nutrients etc…)  This is why many claim that magnets have a therapeutic value.  The magnetic field vibrates the tissue.
This is all anecdotal and non-empirical so don’t take my word for it.  But it does make sense to me.



We’ve managed to avoid being in the faces of China and Russia since Reagan left office, now it looks like Obama’s flexibility he spoke of to Medvedev. in 2012 is coming to fruition.  I’m presuming Obama has given Putin the green light to put the old Soviet Union back together again.

Like Father like son

150,000 troops as well a Russian naval vessel,  are assembling in the Ukraine,  a country that wanted to join the E.U. but now has a former KGB agent’s boot on the country’s throat.  I’m seeing visions of Hitler marching into Austria.

Russian in Ukraine Russian Ship anschluss

Once again, this is happening at a time when Obama wants to “dismantle” our troops which is already tired and rated 9th in size compared to other war mongering nations such as North Korea, Russia, Vietnam and China.  Obama wants to cut our troops down to 420,000.

Ukraine Soldiers UkraineFema

Under trained targets for the Russian Army

Does anyone remember Obama and Hillary dismantling the anti-missile shield in Belgium?

Must I remind everyone that Obama was born of Communist parents, he was raised in a communist school and was mentored by one of the FBI’s top watched Communists in the country; “Franklin Marshall Davis”  Communist party #47544.

commie flag



Is it a coincidence that Russia under it’s former KGB leader (that never acknowledged the break up of the old Soviet Union) is going to pull a real Hitler and take back all that was lost when the USSR fell apart?  Especially now that Obama has almost single handedly dealt America the same financial blow Reagan dealt Gorbachev?



O’Reilly and Peace in our time


As I sat and watched Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly talk about his invitation to the White House and how he was almost beaming about planting the seed of making the POTUS confront the 72% out of wedlock birthrate amongst blacks, I could only think of the Hamburg agreement of 1938 in pre-WWII Germany.

(If you think I’m just a Hater; please see my last article)

Many of us have seen the video of Neville Chamberlain proclaiming that the piece of paper he had signed in his hand by “Herr Hitler” guaranteed: “Peace in our time”.

One could see Mr. O’Reilly being used successfully as a puppet of the Obama Administration.  This technique is called throwing your opponent a bone.  It will make O’Reilly, the highest watched cable news program, to put it bluntly, soft on the administration.  The Super Bowl interview was a presidential “Wine and Dine” to get to O’Reilly’s larger than life ego.

When all is said and done, O’Reilly came off looking like a “tool” of Valerie Jarrett, and reminded those of us who have studied history; of the same fool who returned from Munich waving a piece of paper.

One would think that Mr. O’Reilly would recognize the road to hell.  In this case, having Valerie Jarrett on Fox news was like the Wolf in Grand-mamas’ night gown.  O’Reilly’s intentions were good.  But how can someone with O’Reilly’s ratings be hoodwinked by an Administration that sent Susan Rice out to look the American public in the eye and say Benghazi was all about a YouTube video?  For that matter, even the POTUS who appeared in front of the United Nations continued the same lie.

The answer to O’Reilly’s gloating can be summed up in one word.  HUBRIS.

Bill, don’t let the chill go up your leg.  You’ve been around long enough to know when you’re making a difference and when you’re being used.